The Objects of Art Shows
bring together an extensive collection of historic to contemporary material that includes fashion and jewelry, furniture and books, tribal, folk and American Indian art, works on paper and canvas, and three dimensional pieces in wood, ceramic and bronze. The range is vast, the selection is discerning, and the result is an exhibitions of exceptional objects of art. By showcasing the most renowned art dealers in the West's most celebrated cities for art—Santa Fe, San Francisco and Los Angeles—Kim Martindale and John Morris, with decades of experience producing historically significant shows in the art and music realm, have created a unique collection of art shows curated to create a unique art experience. They are: the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Show, offering an exciting mix of the best tribal art from around the world; and Objects of Art Santa Fe, showcasing an eclectic mix of contemporary, historic and antique material; the American Indian Art Show San Francisco and the Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe, featuring the finest American Indian art; and the LA Art Show, presenting the West Coast's premier show of contemporary fine art.