In 2017 we had three museum quality special exhibits and several lectures & panel discussions. Please see below for more information.

Featured Country: Indonesia    

Indonesia was the 2017 Featured Country, with events sponsored by the Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia in San Francisco, California. Show goers were treated to music by the renowned Gamelan Sekar Jaya orchestra, enjoyed Indonesian food, coffee, and tea. Two representatives from the Jakarta Textile Museum showcased special pieces, while other Artists demonstrated traditional Indonesian fabric-dyeing and weaving techniques.  A special exhibit, INDONESIAN TEXTILE TREASURES: A Living Legacy, curated by Curtis and Margaret Keith Clemson, featured more than 100 Indonesian textiles ranging from historical artifacts to contemporary pieces.
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Indonesian Textile Treasures, A Living Legacy: Curated by Curtis & Margaret Keith Clemson

The world class San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show, considered the premier tribal art event in North America, will feature a special exhibit in 2017 entitled Indonesian Textile Treasures, A Living Legacy. In celebration of Indonesia, the show’s featured country for 2017, the exhibition of traditional textiles will include pieces dating back to the 19th century, including rare textiles from the Jakarta Textile Museum that have never before been shown in the United States. Indonesian Textile Treasures, A Living Legacy will feature more than 100 textiles ranging from rare historical artifacts to contemporary pieces and is curated by Curtis and Margaret Keith Clemson.
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SPIRIT TALKERS: Paintings by James Havard, Presented by John Molloy

In this special exhibit presented by John Molloy, Spirit Talkers will feature new work from James Havard. Known for Abstract Illusionism, Havard's work is in permanent and prestigious collections around the world.
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Deeply Yao

Pending and Past Legislation and Their Effects on the Tribal Art World

How can the arts community work together to defend itself and to help to set the standard for ethical collecting? Panelists will discuss changes to government policies and aggressive legal prosecutions. They will explore defensive and progressive actions to save value for collections, ensure a viable art economy, and protect access to art for future generations.

Moderator: Kim Martindale
Panelists: Mark Blackburn, Kate Fitz Gibbon and Bob Gallegos.
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The Tenth Annual Caroline and H. McCoy Jones Memorial Lecture
The Tents and Furnishings of the Nomads of Central Asia by Dr. Richard Isaacson

Dr. Richard Isaacson is a specialist of Central Asian textiles and carpets. He attended Columbia and Stanford Universities before receiving his Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from the University of Maryland.
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Please join Friends of Ethnic Art for: Revealing Indonesian Aesthetics: a context for understanding what makes a great piece great!

Ten slides and ten minutes each, with world authorities offering insights into their area of passionate expertise!

Panelists: Thomas Murray, James Willis, Mark Johnson, Curt & Keith Clemson, Gregory Ghent, John Strusinski, Natasha Reichle
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Please visit the de Young while you are in San Francisco and enjoy these three shows:

The Sumatran Ship Cloth
Through February 12, 2017 | Wais and Knowles Galleries of Textile Arts

On the Grid: Textiles
and Minimalism

Through February 12, 2017
Wais and Knowles Galleries of Textile Arts

Beyond the Surface: Worldwide
Embroidery Traditions

Through August 31, 2017
Wais and Knowles Galleries of Textile Arts