My Country
Presented by Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery
Deeply Yao

The term “My Country” is used throughout the central Australian Desert when an artist talks about their work. The artist will often state “it’s my country” or “that’s my country”, which does not refer to the artist’s ownership of land or country by white man’s title. Instead, it speaks of ownership through the passing of story, carried on by skin group and bloodline. It is the proud “ownership” of story that connects the artist to their country.

Land gives us a sense of place and to the artist, it encapsulates their existence. Embedded in it lies 40,000 years of tradition. Dreamtime stories tell of great journeys across the land, of its creation and inevitably its future. It’s a life force that continues to nourish Aboriginal culture.

My Country is a collection of paintings celebrating Aboriginal Art and culture. The body of works selected calls to mind the diversity of the desert and each painting draws the viewer into the artist’s world through color, design, and story. Special guest Gabriella Possum Nungarrayi, eldest daughter of renowned artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri will be in attendance. She uses modern materials (acrylic paints on linen) to create traditional designs handed down through generations of ancestors. Gabriella’s dreamings include Women’s Ceremony, Grandmothers Country, and the Milky Way Seven Sisters Dreaming. Her work has been praised as innovative and culturally significant.