Pending and Past Legislation and Their Effects on the Tribal Art World

Deeply Yao

It’s been a tough year in the art world – from seizures at NY’s Asia Week to attempts to pass draconian anti trade legislation in Congress. Museums, collectors, and the trade are being hurt by fake-news attacks claiming that collecting is immoral – even that it supports terrorism. Some hardliners seek blanket returns of art to source countries or liability for possessing art and antiquities based on foreign laws.

How can the arts community work together to defend itself and to help to set the standard for ethical collecting? Panelists will discuss changes to government policies and aggressive legal prosecutions. They will explore defensive and progressive actions to save value for collections, ensure a viable art economy, and protect access to art for future generations.

Moderator: Kim Martindale
Panelists: Mark Blackburn, Kate Fitz Gibbon and Bob Gallegos.

Location: Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion: 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco
Dates: Friday, February 10th | 1pm
Cost: Entrance is included with show admission.