Indonesian Textile Treasures, A Living Legacy

Deeply Yao

The world class San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show, considered the premier tribal art event in North America, will feature a special exhibit in 2017 entitled Indonesian Textile Treasures, A Living Legacy. In celebration of Indonesia, the show’s featured country for 2017, the exhibition of traditional textiles will include pieces dating back to the 19th century, including rare textiles from the Jakarta Museum that have never before been shown in the United States.

Indonesian Textile Treasures, A Living Legacy will feature more than 100 textiles ranging from rare historical artifacts to contemporary pieces, inspiring evidence of the ways in which this rich legacy continues in the work of today’s artists. It has been said that no other culture in the world has textile traditions as diverse as Indonesia’s. Most of the collection on display will be for sale to the public, with prices ranging from $100,000 for the most significant pieces to less than $1,000 for others. The exhibit is curated by Curtis and Margaret Keith Clemson, two of the world’s most significant collectors of Indonesian textiles. They have curated exhibitions in the U.S. and aboard, including a 2007 exhibition at the Jakarta Museum.

Show goers will also be treated to music by the renowned Gamelan Sekar Jaya orchestra, see demonstrations of ikat weaving on a backstrap loom as well as a batik artist making batik, and enjoy Indonesian food.

Two representative from the Textile Museum in Jakarta will be bringing some special pieces.

Sponsors of this exhibit are the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco and Textile Arts.