Please join Friends of Ethnic Art for: Revealing Indonesian Aesthetics: a context for understanding what makes a great piece great!

Ten slides and ten minutes each, with world authorities offering insights into their area of passionate expertise!

THOMAS MURRAY, moderator, will introduce the Austronesian roots of Indonesian Tribal Art and a brief review of later Indian, Chinese, Islamic and European influences.

JAMES WILLIS, senior expert, revisits his historic 1979 exhibition, Sculpture of the Batak. “Never have so many Batak masterpieces been brought together before or since!” (Moderator’s comment)

MARK JOHNSON, Borneo specialist, will speak on the Kayanic Dayak tribes of East Borneo and their fabulously compelling sculpture.

CURTand KEITH CLEMSON, guest curators of the Indonesian textile exhibit at the show entrance, will discuss great works of textile art achieved with ikat dyeing and back strap weaving.

GREGORY GHENT will speak about Balinese culture, music, dance, masks and sculpture of his adopted land.

JOHN STRUSINSKI, noted dealer and expert, will introduce Javanese aesthetics, kris and kris handles, his area of great collecting interest.

NATASHA REICHLE, curator of Southeast Asian Art at the SF Asian Art Museum, will talk about the James and Elaine Connell donation of Southeast Asian Jewelry and the Joan and M. Glenn Vinson Gift of Southeast Asian Textiles...stunning pieces all and a reminder of the satisfactions of museum philanthropy.

With a wrap up round table to answer questions, time permitting! A guaranteed interesting and informative morning will be had by all, including free coffee and bakery treats!

Thomas Murray thanks the FEA and Board Member Dave DeRoche for their encouragement and support in making this event possible.

The event is sponsored by Friends of Ethnic Art (FEA),

Location:Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion: 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco: Lecture Room
Dates: Sunday, February 12,10am
Cost: Entrance is included with show admission.
Produced by: Friends of Ethnic Art and Dave DeRoche
Refreshments: Coffee & bakery treats.