Objects of Art LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of the treasured San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Show, the leading Tribal art fair showcasing the arts of tribal cultures and indigenous peoples of the Americas, Asia, Oceania, Polynesia, the Middle East and Africa. Originally developed by the team of Caskey Lees, the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art show presents over 80 national and international galleries, displaying museum-quality objects and artifacts in visually striking settings perfect for browsing by tribal art collectors, first-time guests and enthusiasts. This show presents the rare opportunity to find that unique object that you can bring home and enjoy.

FORT MASON CENTER, Festival Pavilion: 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123

2018 GALA OPENING: Thursday, February 8th. Gala ticket proceeds benefit the Fine Arts Museums of
San Francisco (de Young and Legion of Honor)

2018 SHOW DATES: Friday, February 9th, 11am-7pm
2017 SHOW DATES: Saturday, February 10th, 11am-7pm
2017 SHOW DATES: Sunday, February 11th, 11am-5pm

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Indonesian Textile Treasures, A Living Legacy: Curated by Curtis & Margaret Keith Clemson

Spirit Talkers: Paintings by James Havard, Presented by John Molloy

Artful Weavings: Presented by Peter Pap

Join us for a week of activities at San Francisco Tribal Art Week! The event will be kicked off by the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show and concluded with the American Indian Art Show Marin. More info coming soon! Kim Martindale also produces American Indian Art Show Marin at Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA, Febuary 17-19, 2017.